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CLARIAH Scholarly Web Annotation

The CLARIAH project has the goal to build an infrastructure that facilitates research in the humanities and social sciences in The Netherlands.

Within CLARIAH, the working group on Scholarly Web Annotation aims to facilitate scholarly annotation across media types in an open, reusable, sharable, and publishable way. To achieve this, we are building a Scholarly Web Annotation Client and experimenting with a server for scholarly web annotations, which will be integrated during the CLARIAH infrastructure in the future. We also work on developing different viewers for annotations of different media types.

The main working group members are: Marijn Koolen (KNAW Humanities Cluster (HuC)), Jaap Blom (The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision), and Liliana Melgar (Utrecht University and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision).

Video annotation interoperability expert group (VAINT): the CLARIAH working group collaborates closely with international partners which are working on audiovisual annotation projects and tools, with whom we have created an expert group. More information about the VAINT group can be found in their Github repository.

Within the time frame of the CLARIAH Plus project, we aim to provide scholars (and content providers) with the possibility to annotate their resources and to work with the annotations they generate during their research.

(Last update: May 22, 2019)